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Learn From Yesterday

Live For Today         Hope For Tomorrow....~Albert Einstein
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Shared Wisdom

Compelling Videos from Master Teachers

1. BRENE BROWN, Ph.D, gives a spirited talk on Shame and VulnerabilityShe is very inspiring! This should be required viewing for ALL -- especially for people with a very self-critical nature.

Brain Scientist - Dr. JILL BOLTE TAYLOR
(Harvard-trained Neuroanatomist)
Dr. Taylor describes her experience of having a massive stroke while simultaneously having a transcendent experience.  She lets you in on the intricate and mysterious workings of the mind -- a very powerful video, must watch to the end. 16 million+ views 
Jill Bolte Taylor

3. DAVID WOLFE..... a Gifted Teacher:
The Wizard of Nutrition/Diet & Metabolism, Alternative Medicine, Research in Food/Vitamins/Herbs/Supplements for Optimal Health, Healing from the deleterious effects of Substance Abuse, Understanding our Physiologies (Mentally and Physically) and more.  In this video he presents his latest in-depth research on Hormone Health & Estrogen Dominance (in men & women, part of his "Longevity Protocol," part I):

Wolfe on Longevity


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