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Apps for Health and Wellness


Great Meditation App for reducing stress, improving sleep, increasing mindfulness

Top 10 Mental Health Apps recommended by PsychCentral.com

Apps for Sleep / Insomnia recommended by Healthline

PTSD Coach
App developed for Veterans who have symptoms of PTSD, created by the V.A.

Smoking Cessation
12 Apps for quitting smoking from Healthline

Relax - Stress Relief 
Relax App for Stress and Anxiety relief

Mindfulness App
ACT Companion for Mindfulness Skills

Healthy Mind - Coping in College
App for Problem Solving and handling Stress while in School

Tactical Breather
App to gain control over Physiological and Psychological responses to Stress

Depression CBT Self Help
App for Info and Help with Depression

App with 6 evidenced based tools for help with Depression symptoms

Beautiful App for Meditation

Live OCD Free
App for Obsessive Compulsive symptoms

Panic Eliminator
App for Panic Attack symptoms, using the Linden Method

Recovery from Addiction
12-Step related Apps for Recovery

I'm Done Drinking
App that helps track time and money saved by not drinking - a motivational tool for staying sober

Harmony Hypnosis
Website with a variety of Hypnosis Apps to choose from for specific issues

Journey out of Agoraphobia
App for help with Agoraphobia

Bipolar Disorder
Pinterest board with info on Apps for help with Bipolar mood symptoms

Several Apps for Recovery recommended by Cornerstone Recovery Center

Help with quitting a variety of Addictions

Worry Watch
Tools for managing Anxiety, including an Anxiety Journal

Rewire your Brain: Mindfulness, Kindness, and Meditation App

Intellicare Hub
A collection of Mental Health related Apps created by researchers at Northwestern University

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